Foaling Calendar 2019

Oh So Dreamy X Secret Heir DUE: January 19th

Three Times World Champion
Reserve World Champion
Reserve National Champion
Foal will be Eligible for the  Appaloosa Halter Futurity

Oh So Dreamy


Live The Dream


Alias King

Aztecs Fancy Frani

Fashion Page

Page Impressive

RW Mini Plaudit

Bartenders Affair

Andrews Bartender

Impressive Andrew

My Bar Maid

Magic Affair

Impressive Andrew

Sheza Good Sport

Fancys Redemption

Dreams Reward


Alias King

Aztecs Fancy Frani

Jus Plain Perfect

Skips Reward

Watch Joe Amy

Fancy Me First

Mark Me First


IM A Tuff Cheri

Obvious Choice

Skips Reward

Obviously Lucky

World and National Champion Stallion

Secret Heir

The Secret


Alias King

Alias Smith And Jones


Aztecs Fancy Frani

Aztec Sun

Another Sister

Kendalite N Roses

Kendals Reward

Skips Reward

Pleasin Punkin

Classical Rose

Do Do Chick

Bobby Bars Cinch

RLG Fancy Heir

Clu Heir

Obvious Conclusion


Buzs Baccarat

Just An Heiress

Just To Impress

Struck By Heir

Obvious Bonita

Obvious Intimidation

Obvious Conclusion


Impressive Leonita

Impressively Tardy

Bonita Leoleta